Thank you for participating at the 3rd International Conference – ONLINE

We will inform by email the conference participants when the presentations and videos would be available from the conference website

The banner with languages of conference speakers

Welcome adress to the conference from Tālis Linkaits, Minister of Transport, Republic of Latvia

Thanks to the conference speakers and participants from the conference organizing team.

Juris Kreicbergs at conference opening from our DIY studio in RTU

Laura Vītola at conference opening from our DIY studio in RTU

Juris Smirnovs at conference opening from our DIY studio in RTU

The plenary speakers

We are very pleased that many International Road traffic safety key experts and Vision Zero policy leaders agreed to participate at the conference.

Outstanding plenary speakers made a great contribution to the successful Vilnius 2018, Tallinn 2019 and now Riga 2020 Online conferences. We are sure that the conferences have  made an important contribution to regional road safety development.

We welcomed road traffic safety ...

  • Researchers and research managers
  • Policy makers and organizers
  • City planners and developers
  • Traffic and civil engineers
  • Vehicle and infrastructure engineers
  • Accident reconstruction analysts
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Road Police

We encouraged to participate

  • Mass media
  • Students
  • Insurance companies
  • Road infrastructure companies
  • Automotive companies
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Traffic safety enthusiasts
  • Traffic safety contributors


  • Policy and implementation
  • Technology and innovation
  • Humans and safety
  • Urban planning and vulnerable road users


The conference took place online only.  The conference was hosted by Riga Technical University.


  • The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering (here)
  • Conference on-line proceedings
  • Presentations – conference website

The conference program does not include basics about Vision Zero. If you are not very familiar with the concept, it might help if you first check one or all of the links below.

If you want to learn about Vision Zero basics, please check this link or more from Vision Zero Academy page.

Presentations by our conference organizers from Swedish Transport administration:

Presentation by Lars EKMAN

Presentation by Matts-Åke BELIN